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About Us

The RPNA seeks to foster an inclusive, diverse and healthy neighbourhood in which all residents feel at home. The RPNA also recognizes that Toronto Community Housing (TCH) residents had a vibrant community in Regent Park prior to the redevelopment and seeks to build on that history of grassroots initiatives, resident led ventures, and strong networks. To ensure that this heritage is not lost, TCH residents serve in half of the RPNA Leadership Team positions.

The RPNA seeks to foster an inclusive, diverse and healthy community through...

1.  ADVOCACY - to provide a strong voice for residents on issues that will benefit our entire community. 


2.  COMMUNITY BUILDING - to bring our culturally diverse and mixed-income community together.


3.  COMMUNICATION - So much is happening in Regent Park!  It's important to keep residents informed. 


Members of Regent Park Neighbourhood Association seek to be...

1.  INCLUSIVE - welcoming the diversity of our neighbourhood and ensuring that our most vulnerable members are       not overlooked. 


2.  CONSTRUCTIVE - listening carefully to all viewpoints and speaking respectfully when our opinions differ. 


3.  ACTION-ORIENTED - committed to projects that will bring benefit to our neighbourhood.

4.  TRUSTWORTHY - handling both our resources and our decision-making with transparency. 

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