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RPNA Structure

The structure of RPNA - which involves elected delegates from all residential buildings in Regent Park - was chosen so that the organization could more easily fulfill its three goals.  


Elected representation creates a strong voice for advocacy. Bringing together Delegates from both TCH and market buildings helps build an inclusive community. And finally, through its Delegates, RPNA can both hear from and speak to every building, which greatly facilitates communication in the neighbourhood. 



One of the first tasks of the RPNA Assembly will be to elect its Leadership Team of 10 members. Five (50%) of these Team members will be TCH Delegates and five (50%) will be Delegates from condos and other building types.


Each of the five Delegates will be paired with the other five, to jointly chair each of the Leadership Team's five roles.   


This arrangement ensures that the voice of the long-term residents of Regent Park will be preserved and that the entire organization will benefit from Regent Park's long history of grassroots initiatives, self-help ventures, and networks of support.  

Delegates have three major responsibilities:


  • To participate in all Delegate Assemblies, which will usually mean four meetings per year.

  • To share information to and from their building.

  • To volunteer on RPNA Committees, which is optional but strongly encouraged.

By April of 2017, each residential building or townhouse group will have elected 1-3 RPNA Delegates, depending on the number of units in the building or group.  


  • •1-50 units = 1 Delegate

  • •51-100 units = 2 Delegates

  • •101+ units = 3 Delegates


The elected Delegates will meet as an RPNA Assembly, probably 4 times a year.


As well, the Leadership Team will set up three RPNA Committees, each to tackle one of the association's three Goals: Advocacy, Community-Building, and Communications.  


All residents, whether elected or not, are welcome to serve on these committees. 

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